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We're crafting a secure cloud service delivery solution for digital teams, to help boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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Key features.

We genuinely care that our cloud hosting solution performs brilliantly for you and your business, which is why we've built in a few key features to set us apart from the competition and help reduce your long term costs, increase productivity and provide added reassurance that your data is safe and secure.

Continuous Integration

We understand much time can be lost in phases of development and release of services for your clients, so we have built in continuous integration. Our CI engine will trigger release to hosting sequence, enabling your team to switch a version to live or sandbox in a click.
We cover your service delivery process to increase developer productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
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Security as Standard

Security is the beating heart of 2comms service engine. We have hand-crafted 'Spitfire', our own solid steel firewall and the core of our engine which stands firm to protect your services against cyber attacks such as malware, SQL injections, XSS, DDoS & Tunnelling at no extra cost.
Our studio team is working actively to protect your services against current cyber threat actors and zero-day exploits.
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Tailored to you

We have combined years of experience in the creative and tech industries and understand the pain of unforeseen price increases, services hosted amongst unverified businesses, constant security breaches and the need to control your development and release phases.
We will work collaboratively with your team to provide a tailored cloud service hosting plan that will suit the long term goals of your business.
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We build collaborative partnerships

We build

Bespoke Solutions.

We provide consultancy and partnerships with businesses on bespoke infrastructure and software solutions. With every project and partnerships, we follow this tried and tested results driven process.


We begin every project by listening carefully as you share your goals, frustrations, inspirations and perceived limitations, because you know your business better than anyone else.

Using this information together with insight gained from analysing your current technical setup, we provide you with a reliable, truthful and future-proofed proposal that works around most budgets not compromising security.

You will get

  • Project clarity

  • Unique tailored quote options

  • A clear and honest project plan & timeline


At this stage we work together as a team, ensuring we pull together a carefully selected technology stack to bring your business dreams to reality.

With creative technical solutions, we work closely with your team applying decades of industry insight and expertise to infuse your project with a freshness, vitality and relevance that speaks directly to your target audience.

You will get

  • In-depth project strategies

  • Designs that clearly reflect your brand personality

  • Bespoke development solutions tailored to your requirements


We follow meticulous testing procedures, to ensure we deliver a final project that leaves a faultless first impression with your audience.

Our services are provided with clarity and direction, encouraging feedback and always keeping you in the loop at every stage, through to launching.

You will get

  • Complete visibility, with useful feedback and sign off points

  • Confidence that your reputation is in safe hands

  • A feeling of completion as we celebrate the end result


Your fresh hosted solution or bespoke state of the art service is just the start of the journey, our studio team can be here to support you into your future with a collaborative partnership.

We apply a wealth of industry insight into helping you continue to adapt to emerging changes and trends within your industry, keeping your solution relevant to your customers into the future. We work closely with you to define a continous capacity and growth strategy, delivering ongoing support, security and maintenance plans that enables you to stand firm as you grow.

You will get

  • Ongoing support plan

  • Actionable and achievable tips? and tactics to help achieve your goals

  • A well oiled machine for growth

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Whether you're interested in keeping updated on the release of our cloud hosting service or you have a bespoke project you'd like support with.

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