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Storage & Databases

2COMMS understands that as your business grows - so does your requirement for a scalable network capacity and data storage. Traditional storage models can no longer keep pace with the rapidly-evolving requirements of your business

Business applications are generating and storing huge datasets, with the right analytics your business can discover new avenues of innovation and growth - 2COMMS design

and implement next-gen fault-tolerant storage infrastructure for our clients to enable this capability. Our technical offerings includes installing, configuring, securing and

supporting NoSQL and DBMS for our clients. 2COMMS ensure the right product is selected to give your business the ability to manage and manipulate large amounts of data.

To ensure your storage or database implementation has the performance, scalability and flexibility required for your services - 2COMMS provides continuous improvements.

We provide tailored solution models which includes cloud, in-memory, mobility, predictive analytics, and real-time data management. Our aim is to select exceptional products and

tools for designing, implementing and supporting cutting-edge database that match your budget. 2COMMS provides object, block and file storage technical solutions - designed to

power your data-centre infrastructure and services. Whether you're looking to implement traditional NAS or enterprise scalable cloud cluster storage solution - 2COMMS will liaison with your business to design

and implement the best selected storage solution. For cost effective solutions - 2COMMS will help save cost by consolidating your existing hardware to create storage clusters and provide a secure

management solution that exposes your storage infrastructure as a service with secure API. For existing storage infrastructures looking to utilise AWS S3, Ceph or OpenStack Swift interfaces.

2COMMS will design and implement a highly scalable, secure and fault-tolerant API solution to convert your platform to IaaS or sync data to and from AWS S3, Rackspace or other between your applications.

Technical solutions

We transform businesses through the art of digitization. Our core expertise spans multiple disciplines, providing our clients with solutions that improve performance delivering results that surpass expectations. We cover a wide portfolio of next generation technology solutions and services.

We specialise in data integration, recovery and automation, infrastructure and DevOps services, billing and invoice processing, payment gateway integration, data migrations and consolidation, reporting and analytics solutions, data assurance and security and many more.

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