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IT Infrastructure

Unix/Linux systems are at the heart of the world’s most sophisticated IT infrastructure solutions. From Low Latency Automated Trading platforms to Back Office mail servers, UNIX and its derivatives play a critical role across the base technology stack.

2COMMS employs Unix/Linux base IT infrastructures as the foundation for your business solutions. Whether your require a small in-house application, firewall or mail server

or you wish to migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud. Our goal is to understand your requirements and liaise with your business to design and deploy highly reliable,

resilient and scalable technical infrastructure solutions with the desired performance. 2COMMS will ensure the right cloud solution or infrastructure hardware and tools are

selected to empower your business. If required our engineers will collaborate closely with your business’s existing technical team to ensure the selection of tools and

technology stack fall within the experience your existing technical teams skill set. 2COMMS supports the following cloud management and ochestration solutions - VMware, AWS, Openstack, Cloudstack,

Openshift, Zen etc. Our language selections includes Perl, Bash, Ruby, Python, Cython, Java, C/C++ and other OO languages. 2COMMS engineers have hybrid, technical skills which means we are able to integrate

and glue your core business solutions to your IT infrasture for easy service management - with service API infront as an option.

Technical solutions

We transform businesses through the art of digitization. Our core expertise spans multiple disciplines, providing our clients with solutions that improve performance delivering results that surpass expectations. We cover a wide portfolio of next generation technology solutions and services.

We specialise in data integration, recovery and automation, infrastructure and DevOps services, billing and invoice processing, payment gateway integration, data migrations and consolidation, reporting and analytics solutions, data assurance and security and many more.

IT System Infrastructure

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