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Cyber Security & Assurance

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly with new threats introduced every second, 2COMMS and its partners work actively to provide your business with the right Cyber security services using current threat models to Analyse and discover evolving attacks and emerging security threats.

We understand Cyber Security is a major concern for both CxOs and the wider organisation. 2COMMS will provide advance penitration testing on your business infrastructure

and services and implement extensive crical intel measures to secure and assure your business crical infrastructure, applications and data. We are aware security breach of any

significance doesn’t just impact your digital assets, it also have a massive negative impact on share value and customer confidence. 2COMMS will evaluate your system to navigate

various threat landscape by using advance techniques to identify and mitigate Cyber threats. We will provide your business with the right intrusion detection, network and

monitoring solutions to enable rapid incidence response. 2COMMS will help protect your business mission-critical applications and architectures. We ensure security best practices

are incorporate into the design and deployment of architectures, software and other digital solutions. To achieve this, 2COMMS will assure security by performing system design reviews and

cloud security assessments. We provide cloud infrastructure security accessment to assure your system neighbouring hosts do not exploit shared resources in an attempt to

attack and gain access to the target hosts. 2COMMS adapts active penetration testing model to exploit and discover vulnerabilities under close colaboration with our client to

confirm the impact of issues found. 2COMMS may use proprietary, open source and commercial tools and manual testing techniques, as deemed necessary.

Technical solutions

We transform businesses through the art of digitization. Our core expertise spans multiple disciplines, providing our clients with solutions that improve performance delivering results that surpass expectations. We cover a wide portfolio of next generation technology solutions and services.

We specialise in data integration, recovery and automation, infrastructure and DevOps services, billing and invoice processing, payment gateway integration, data migrations and consolidation, reporting and analytics solutions, data assurance and security and many more.

IT System Infrastructure

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Cyber Security & Assurance

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