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Cloud & IaaS Solutions

2COMMS helps businesses design and deploy leading-edge private and hybrid cloud solutions. Our technical services will help your business securely migrate work to the cloud and rapidly modernise and integrate existing applications.

We understand that a hybrid cloud infrastructure is critical to business competitive strategy - 2COMMS provides technical serivices consultation to help determine the

value of cloud solutions to your business by embarking on technical analysis and design. Our goal is to assess your current infrastructure to leverage private or hybrid

cloud solution. 2COMMS will work closely with your business to develop an effective cloud architecture blueprint and an implementation roadmap. We are able to deliver

virtualisation and SDN using commodity hardware and selected future-proof technologies that ensure greater reliability, availability and manageability. 2COMMS understands

that migrating business applications carries risks of delays, downtime, service interruptions and failure - to ensure we mange this effectively 2COMMS will employ a

fit-for-purpose migration strategy to plan and migrate data, operating systems, configuration and applications. We achieve this through infrastructure wide discovery of

services and resources - visualise the entire IT infrastructure to uncover potential issues and opportunities, and analyse network performance. 2COMMS will migrate physical

and virtual hosts, services and re-host applications if neccesary.We liase with your business to deploy and perform testing and verification to ensure effective migration and

implementation of infrastructure and services. 2COMMS cloud solution include IaaS management solution for service and resource discovery, security, resource management, Meta Data and web API for cross

platform interoperability. This ensures that DevOps services are automated to increase speed and time to give your business greater value. Our offerings include PaaS, CaaS and IaaS service solutions.

Technical solutions

We transform businesses through the art of digitization. Our core expertise spans multiple disciplines, providing our clients with solutions that improve performance delivering results that surpass expectations. We cover a wide portfolio of next generation technology solutions and services.

We specialise in data integration, recovery and automation, infrastructure and DevOps services, billing and invoice processing, payment gateway integration, data migrations and consolidation, reporting and analytics solutions, data assurance and security and many more.

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Cloud & IaaS Solutions

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